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opening day arlington texas

Posted on: April 2, 2011 5:18 pm
opening dayWell it began again in Arlington, Texas... Baseball is being played for real! what a great matchup, Lester and the boys against last years AL champs led by CJ Wilson and some really mighty bats.
   Lets not paint it black folks... its the first game against a tough opponent. how did our Sox respond? We lost 9-5.
We had leads of 2-0 and 4-2 and tied it at 5 with a huge blast by our favorite april to june whipping boy, Big Papi. But a meltdown by Danniel Bard(our future closer?) led to the Rangers taking it to the men in scarlet sox.
     David Ortiz was looking like his old self, leaving men on base, striking out when he took Darren Oliver deep. Nice! its real good to see him get his first before the snow has completely melted in New England.
    How about Gonzo! (please dont call him A-Gon, its an insult to the man known as adrian or gonzo here in southern california)first at bat he brings home a man before his lightening speed(its a joke) failed him and he was out at second by a slow papi (at least) (Note to first base coach Ron Johnson, he cannot run)
 Next at bat he brings in 2 more AND steals a base( ok it should have been defensive indifference but who am I to argue with the OFFICIAL scorer) Ardian Gonzalez is gonna tear apart Fenway Park. I cannnot wait to see him play at home!
     Yoouuukk! good game (pardon the error. Ive seen lots of overthrown and bobbled balls in these first two days so give him a pass there) a double with a ribbi and one walk scoring a run. good start
    Dustin Pedroia 1-4 bat a little bit skittish (cut down on the red bulls boy!) but the dive and toss to scoots on a searing grounder by Torrealba in the sixth was AWESOME and saved at lest a run probably 2)! take that Robinson Cano !
    Nice to see Jacoby Ellsbury have a good game, hitting 2-4  scoring 2 runs and stealing a base. he was beaten a bit to a late hit when he didnt read the ball right but the shadows at arlington where a little tricky.
 the not so good>
 Carl crawford had a bad day  against CJ Wilson srtiking out 3 times and leaving 5 men on base. we expect more Carl. wilson is death to lefties but Gonzo and ellsbury and papi hit him. You cant steal bases if you cant steal 1st somehow!
7,8,9 batters were an anchor on the lineup. Mike Cameron , Salty and Scutero, were a combined 0-11. we need something from them.
  John Lester was just not himeself(ok so maybe he was as he never does well in April historically) NO strike outs! None! Not a one! Againt guys who swing for the fences. He just was not throwing strikes. He looked like Josh Beckett last year giving up long balls and fly outs. He will get better.
Ugh! Matt Albers was a pleasure to watch after lester couldnt find the stike zone. he didnt do anything to hurt us and Dan Wheeler the same. poor Tim Wakefield was cannon fodder for the game end. Tito is not going to have fun with him in the pen if he just throws him to the wolves.
    Mr Reyes. you came in to get one man out. You threw 4 straight balls and walked him. i would rather see oki back than that.
   Daniel Bard got the only strikeout for the sox. YAY! however his era is now 54. not .54. fifty four. like a Chan Ho Park era. he gve up 4 runs in 2/3 of an innings work reminding me of the dead arm eric Gagne. I know he can do better and David Murphy 's chalk raising corner shot was half adrenaline and half luck. note to c. crawford. you looked worse than manny on that play.
 So there you have it. Thats my take. It was much fun to shake out the cobwebs and watch the home town team do the same. Can John Lackey ride a good spring training into the season tonight? i think he will. lets keep away from the bullpen though , ok?

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